Overseas Projects

While the history of Crown Church’s involvement with projects overseas makes for good reading - Tumutumu, Budapest and so on - the most active connection currently is our partnership agreement with North Street United Church in Kingston, Jamaica. 

north street church    jamaica visit

Historic patterns of one church rather culturally taking over the other are well left behind; clearly there is a great deal to give and to receive on both sides. 

Within the Presbytery of Inverness, we also have regular links with Joel Githinji in his work on HIV/AIDS in Nepal. On a related stream, every year a "Souper Sunday" raises funds for the Church of Scotland HIV/AIDS work.

Other contacts are regularly evolving. The beginnings of a contact with a church in south-western Turkey was made in the summer of 2016. Various individuals from Crown Church have made significant and meaningful visits abroad, in order to serve - most notably in Malawi and Tanzania.