WELCOME!  Visiting? Do sign our Book! 

YOU ARE INVITED to stay on for tea and coffee after the service.

CHURCH FLOWERS have kindly been donated by Heather Beck.

CHURCH FLOWERS:  The flower chart for 2018 is now in the back corridor.  If you would like to donate money towards Sunday church flowers
please insert your name in the appropriate date.  Thank you.

COFFEE/TEA ROTA has been emailed.  Hard copies in pigeonholes for those without email.
USED STAMPS:  Please take your used stamps along to the red boxes at the front doors of the church, if possible keeping British and foreign stamps separate.

Last chance to purchase tickets for the Congregational Meal in the Kingsmills Hotel on Saturday 20 January. 
Tickets on sale in the lower hall between and after the morning services, and from Dorothy Mein, Marion Barbour and Church Office (231140). Price £25 for adults and £9.50 for children under 12.

The Church Office is open Tuesday to Friday, 9.30 – 12 noon. Peter is either in the Vestry (tel. 231140) or at the Manse. office@crown-church.co.uk

KNITTING GROUP resumes on Monday at the usual time.
BIBLE STUDY: on Tuesday, 10.15 for 10.30 in the Lounge. All welcome!
ELDERS' COUNCIL meets on Wednesday at 7.30 pm.
ENERGIZE: for P4-7 on a Thursday, from 6.30 pm
FRIDAY PRAYERS at 12 noon – remembering people by name.
FRIENDSHIP CLUB: meets on Friday 19th . ‘Almost Burns time’, a bit of a Burns Chat from David Henderson. 2pm in the lounge.

NEXT SUNDAY, 21st January
Morning Worship
at 9.30am and 11 am
Refreshments after 11am service:
Eleanor Ross, Janet MacPherson, Mairi Main.

KIRK SESSION: will meet on Saturday 27th January. Papers have been emailed out. Hard copies are in the pigeonholes.

‘There will be a presentation to Peter and Brigid on the last Sunday of January from the Congregation.
Additionally, those wishing to make a personal contribution are asked to use a sealed envelope marked ‘Peter and Brigid’
which may be put in the open plate, left at the Church Office with Gloria Mackintosh or handed to myself.’
Brian Macgill
Session Clerk