Dear friends,
Following on what I could tell you last month, I went down to Airdrie, to the linked charge of Cairnlea with Calderbank, and preached on the last Sunday of November, and was elected to be their Minister. Technically this needs to be confirmed by both the receiving and sending Presbyteries, but in all likelihood I shall be moving in the New Year. Since I am due to take leave from the very end of January, I imagine my last regular services at Crown will be on 28th, the last Sunday of January.

That is a large thought for the Donalds and no doubt for others. I don't want to be valedictory quite yet, but please know what a joy it has been for us to be here amongst you. What friends we have made and what good things have happened. Thank you.

The season of Advent is a season of beginnings. We look to the future God has had in store, and so in a sense we begin, we begin to catch on to the divine purpose. That was why Christ came! And so for all that I / we do not know all about the future, this we know, that we can trust in Him. And how that is a message to live by! In our
December readings in church, we will be taking up the story of faithful souls who went even to a fiery furnace, maintaining their faith in God; and then the account of God putting flesh on the dry bones, bringing life where there was death. And then we come into hearing how Jesus was born for us. The Saviour of the world came, that we might live, and live life in its fullness.

Time is precious. I have always thought that, and I think it even more now. The time that matters is now, for we should not lose the moment. I encourage you to make time for God and time for one another. Ever more so in our fast-moving age, the pressures of life work against that. But whether it is in the run-up to Christmas, or in all
of 2018, the more value and the less stress we fill our time with, the better. Wishing you all a most joyous Christmas, and hoping to see you!!

Yours, Peter