Dear friends

Since we got back from our travels, connecting up with our now dispersed young Donalds, everything has been in full flight, and it’s a good time of year. Time that organisations start up again like Boys’ Brigade and the Friendship Club, the Guild and the choir and others besides. Time that we get back into the swing of Tuesday morning Bible
Studies and I hope also an evening option on that, and also Evening Services which allow for questions and discussion, so important for our onward faith journey though not alas just so practical when we gather in the morning with larger numbers.

A highlight of our coming back was hearing the fuller account of the outreach in Malawi which two of our members have been leading, and were out again doing earlier this year. Progress there can be physical, in buildings still standing or needing to be built, as well as clearly emotional and spiritual, the support being given to widows
and to children. And shortly we shall be sending four other members off to Jamaica,  and that will be quite an adventure for them. What a blessing it is to be able to pray for one another and to encourage one another. Whether you travel or not, whether you do something very active within the life of Crown Church (say, with children!) or not, I do hope we can share the sense of how God works in His people.

We have our Elders’ Council now as part of my regular touching base with others to consider spiritual direction in Crown Church. And again I find myself so encouraged by others taking initiatives and thinking things through – by my not knowing what all is going on actually, because the church is truly made up of many members. It chimes
with that text in Romans 12, where having opened by insisting on the importance of life as well as thought in following Christ, Paul immediately thinks also of lives in the plural, many people’s gifts, many people’s different amounts of time and possibilities of action. I pray that I might serve faithfully. I pray that you will wish to serve faithfully also.

Looking forward in hope as the Holy Spirit gives us guidance.

Yours, Peter