Dear friends
I had a rather eventful month in October, and many of you will by now have heard the outcome of that.  I had been contemplating with some  seriousness whether to move on from Crown Church and an invitation from another church has come to me that I felt very sure I should accept.  Nothing is finally fixed yet, since the historic right of congregations to vote on who should be their Minister is an important one, and in my case that will happen at the end of November. Thus far I have simply the invitation to be Sole Nominee, from a linked pair of congregations in and on the edge of Airdrie in Lanarkshire.  I did not apply as such; one of the Nominating Committee by a roundabout way heard of me and pressed me at least to meet up, and then from there it became increasingly clear that what might not have been on the table as far as my own planning went was somehow meant to be. I go forward in faith,  and have been glad that the Lectionary has been pushing us again and again in recent weeks to ponder how God calls certain people to certain tasks, and into certain places, and for all the messiness of human response and the complications of life, God does provide.

I feel very confirmed in that, and truly therefore reflect on the future of Crown Church in the same terms. God will provide. I hesitate to say much more than this for the present but I do ask for your prayers, for myself and Brigid and also for our congregation here at Crown.  We are here to be a blessing to one another, to encourage one another, on occasion with gentleness even to correct one another, and always to love one another.  May we keep these thoughts to the fore in coming months. I (we!) shall be with you at least until later in January.

Now, just as importantly, I am delighted that Heidi Hercus, our Probationer, has also during October been given an invitation to become a Sole Nominee.  Her training is over, and all the requirements have been met, amply and  with great blessing. And so if her future congregation agrees in their vote, she will be heading west, to Ullapool in the new year. We are rather hoping that she may stay on with us a little beyond our original timescale. However, we shall be marking the end of her official full time with us at the 11 am service on 19th November, and I hope that you might especially want to be there then.

“Now to him who is able by the power at work within us to do immeasurably more than we can ask or conceive, 
to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus, now and forever.” (Ephesians 3.20-21)
Yours, Peter