Upcoming Event 'The God Dimension'

The God Dimension –Looking at the universe through the lens of science and the eyes of faith.

Increasingly over the last fifty years, the idea that God is being edged out by  scientific discoveries has taken hold. There is a clear secularist agenda which is separating society from its Christian roots. People are becoming accustomed to thinking it is an ‘either/or choice between God and science’.

This spring, Crown Church is taking part in Inverness Science Festival to look at the relationship between faith and science. ‘ Is it OK to believe?’ is the question which will be asked in a lecture open to anyone on Tuesday 2nd May at 8pm, given by Rev Dr Alistair Donald, Chaplain to Heriot - Watt University.  Dr Donald has lectured on the interface between faith and science for many years.  He holds a PhD in Environmental Science .The exhibition will open from 6pm to 8pm that day.

During Science Festival Week, from Sat 29th April to Sat 6th May,  Crown Church will be open between 10am and 4pm (2pm and 4pm on Sunday) for  an exhibition  which is open to the public: ‘The God Dimension: Do faith and science need each other?’     Pop in for half an hour, or plan to come for longer to take time to reflect on everything that you will see.  There are activities for accompanied children on the theme of ‘Light’.

Everything is free. The lecture on Tuesday will be preceded by a drinks reception to which you are cordially invited.