The Ministry at Crown

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Reverend | Peter Donald
Peter Donald Tel: 01463 230537
Email: or

Peter Donald is the parish Minister – responsible for worship, leadership and pastoral care.
Session Clerk | Brian Macgill
Brian Macgill

Brian Macgill is the Session Clerk – serving the team of Elders.
Clerk to the Congregational Board | Judith Macleod

Judith Macleod is the Clerk Congregational Board
Chair of Board | Bill Mein
Bill Mein

Treasurer | Donald MacKenzie

Director of Music | Brigid Donald
Brigid Donald

Church Secretary |
Email: or

The Church Office is open Tuesday to Friday, 9.30-12 am.
ET Coordinator | Eileen Ardern
Eileen Ardern

Visitors Coordinator | Jane Wilson
Jane Wilson