Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals

Christian life runs from birth to death and beyond, and there are long-hallowed traditions of marking this.

Christian BAPTISM is offered not only to those newly born but to people at any stage in their lives – even mature adults – but it is offered only once, for its significance is that the life of the person is taken up into Christ’s life. Jesus lived and died for us all, and Baptism marks our owning of that. All our human shortcomings before God, our actual and potential failures, are as it were washed away, and the new life “in Christ” begins, sharing in the life of prayer and love that was so uniquely his.

For a parent or parents who care about their faith and who would wish to share it with their child from the start, then that child may be baptized, thus joining into the Christian family from a very early age. If the person to be baptized knows their own mind, then baptism follows on his/her owning of faith, with the church in support. In baptism we become as children of God the Father, alongside Jesus Christ the Son of God, empowered by the Holy Spirit of God.

If you would like baptism for yourself or your young child, please get in touch with us by using the contacts section in the website.

WEDDINGS are held both in the church and in other venues. Our Interim Moderator is the first point of contact (via our contacts section), and if a particular date is being contemplated, it would be wise to do that before anything else!

A Christian wedding implies a mutual promise, “I will love” in lifelong commitment, and it is a wonderful cause for celebration!

The Minister will ordinarily hope to meet with the couple several times before the wedding takes place, to help plan the day and to anticipate the living out of the promise.

FUNERALS are also very important, a ritual of parting and thanksgiving. Again funerals may be held both in the church and elsewhere, and the planning takes place in close consultation between the Minister and those who have been bereaved. We aim as a church to be supportive of people in their time of loss, and not only at the funeral but beyond. There are some in the church who have been trained in bereavement care, ready to respond wherever they can be helpful. Contact cards for people wishing to request support are available from the Interim Moderator, pastoral care team, elders or the Church Office.

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