Dear Friends,

In the early 1950s , the Rev Charles Smith and members of Crown Church established a  congregation in the rapidly growing  Hilton housing estate. For quite a number of years, the fledgling congregation met in a prefabricated hut as the vision of erecting a permanent church building grew, and funding for it was sought. The hut became a focal point for the whole community and is still fondly remembered by many of the older residents locally. On 28th  March, 1958, the new building was opened and dedicated for worship by Inverness Presbytery. 60 years later, the building remains a focal point for Christian worship and witness. As a congregation, we at Hilton especially give thanks for the foresight and missionary zeal of Crown Church in these early years of Hilton Church’s story.

As the current minister of Hilton Parish Church, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to serve Crown Church
and be involved in supporting you as Interim Moderator during these months when you seek God’s leading for the next phase of Crown Church’s journey as a congregation. The story of Crown Church’s part in the beginnings of Hilton Church, illustrate that as a congregation you have a heritage marked by vision, courage and commitment. 
The seeds planted in Hilton during the 1950s are still bearing fruit!


Yours sincerely

Duncan MacPherson 

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