From the Minister 

Dear Friends,

This Summer / Winter has been a season of upheaval for Alison and me, not to mention the disruption to our children’s lives in Australia. We  enjoyed the amazing experience of seeing the New Year in with some friends at our home in Melbourne, one of whom drove us to the airport for a 6am departure, and then being back in Glasgow in time for dinner with Alison’s parents still on January 1. The wonders of modern travel!

We have arrived at Crown Church at an exciting time. I see so much hope and expectation within  the congregation, wanting to revitalise the life, work and witness of the church, when some others in Christendom tend to be quite negative about the future.  That’s encouraging, and it’s my hope that we can harness the energy and  vision of so many wonderful members to develop congregational life, our connnectedness to the community around us, and our mission for and with Christ in his world.

I do want to record here our sincere gratitude to the people who have gone out of their way to fix or clean the manse through the vacancy, and to prepare it for our arrival with basic furniture and household items while waiting for our own to arrive on the slow boat from Australia.  We also love the garden that has been so carefully pulled into immaculate order by another team of volunteers.

For the period until after Easter I will be preaching through the Book of Matthew at the 11am service, so if you want to do some homework you could take the time to read it through prayerfully in your own time.  As I said in one of the services, it can be read almost as a training manual for disciples of Jesus, culminating with the “Great Commission” which is a bit like the graduation charge entrusted to those who finish the course.

At the 9:30am service we’re considering the “I Am” statements of Jesus, a great way to explore some of the more profound truths about Our Lord. One of the things I love about modern church is when we offer variety in worship. 

People are not always comfortable in the same cultural or traditional ways of expressing their love for God or for their neighbour, and it’s important that we provide opportunities to allow them to feel welcome and uplifted in the worship experience. There is so much more that I would like to say, but above all I am grateful to God for the call that I heard and that has been confirmed by the hospitality you have all shown to us.
Every blessing,  


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