Mostly Men

….has been called many things:  Motley Men, Almost Men, Nearly Men.  What is it?  It is a chance for, well, men mostly to meet for a blether over a drink at one of the pubs near the church.  Sometimes we talk about weighty matters of religion or state but other times….we don’t.  So as to avoid accusations of excess, we meet just once a month, on the last Thursday from 9 pm onwards.  There are no membership duties.  Just turn up.  The drink is Basically Beer, it must be said, but in a flood of political correctness, a Strong Sparkling water is quite in order.

Originally conceived as an opportunity for fellowship for men on the fringes of the church and to give them a chance to get to know the minister better, it still has that aim but the membership is now as varied as the numbers, anything from three to thirteen currently.

How hard it is to avoid the M word, membership!  There is no membership of Mostly Men.  You just turn up.

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