Young Crown - What it is

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Because the Christian faith is for all peoples, of all ages, Young Crown will uphold its values within all its work with children, young people and their families. The vision is to enhance and enrich the lives of these younger generations.


In Christian faith, the service of God and the love of neighbour are primary, looking to Jesus Christ, "the pioneer and perfecter of faith". Children and young people are to be treasured both as individuals and also members of a wider community. 


  • within schools and in free time, to offer and to coordinate to children and young people opportunities for learning about and living through moral and social issues
  • to offer an emphasis on Christian faith in ways which might encourage children and youth to engage with it. Christian faith can be nurtured both within the Church and more widely than that. Peaceful dialogue with those of other persuasions would be part of this
  • to offer, both through Young Crown and in liaison with other groups, activities and events which benefit physical and mental wellbeing
  • to ensure that there is a long-term commitment both to offering what is beneficial to children and young people and also to recognising their capacities and contributions which can be offered to the wider community 

Main Objectives

  • With Crown Church as an obvious base, to provide within the Crown area focus and energy for this outreach amongst families and young people. 
  • To provide attractive meetings and activities which engage younger people in everything from worship and witness through learning and fun to maturing in mind, body and soul.
  • To employ a Youth and Children’s Coordinator to provide ministry (service), both in a personal capacity and through encouraging and enabling others to fulfil their roles in ministry; and to do this in conjunction with any group or agency willing to work alongside.   
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