Elders Council and Teams

The Kirk Session has delegated aspects of its work to an Elders Council of which the members are the Minister, the Session Clerk and seven others.  Six of the members act as convenors of teams each of which is charged with responsibility for a particular aspect of the church’s worshipping and witnessing life.  One member acts as a link with the Congregational Board.

These are the details:-

1.    Worship Team

Eileen Ardern
Peter Collinson
David Crippin (Convenor)
Robert Laing
Alastair MacLeod
Stewart Robertson
Morag Russell
Margot Tuley

Remit: rejoicing in God reaching out even to us and expressing our gratitude as we seek to be faithful disciples
•    To enable as many as possible to share the experience of meeting with God
•    To have regard for all the elements of worship: style(s) of worship; number of weekly services; patterns of worship; musical range; praise band; organ; soloists; etc; use of audio visual equipment; innovations and development of worship.
•    To encourage wide involvement in leading worship
Specific care for: Communion; Beadles; Door Duties; Special Prayers; Friday prayers; Choir; Flowers; A V; Readers; Organist; Service schedule; Youth Band; Church Opening.

2.    Discipleship Team

Morven Archer (Convenor)
Marion Barbour
Marion Forrest
Brian Macgill
Donald MacKenzie
Jude Madeleine
Lesley McRoberts
Donald Morrison
Janet MacPherson

Remit: following Christ, the learning of and growth in what it means to be a Christian, as we experience life and question our faith and our actions. 
•    To equip members and would-be members with practical guidance for living in this world through faith
•    To promote ways of helping people grow in their faith. 
•    To support both personal devotions and group opportunities.
•    To oversee Christian education for adults.
Specific care for: Bible study; Stewardship; Membership; Baptism; Prayer; Evening services

3.    Pastoral Care Team

Lily Baillie
John Barbour (Convenor)
Lena Clarke
Stewart Frizzell
Alex Grant
Eleanor MacKenzie
Beth Matheson

Remit: serving Christ, giving time and attention to our brothers and sisters in faith
•    To oversee our systems of systematic pastoral Care (elder districts, etc.)  
•    To facilitate training and support as appropriate within a caring community 
•    To be responsible for connecting with wider social issues, local community groups and local caring agencies.
Specific care for: Home Visitors; District elders visiting; Service and Newsletter Recording; Safeguarding; Lifts to church; Housebound communion; Bereavement; Mostly Men; Mostly Women

4.    Youth and Children Team

Colin Baillie
Pat Crippin
Gary McAra
Jean McGowan
Judith MacLeod (Convenor)
Dorothy Mein
Evelyn Reid

Remit: following Christ, maintaining a special focus so that youth and children   may experience God’s grace and love in Jesus Christ and join in serving amongst God’s people
•    To oversee Christian education and nurture of youth and children 
•    To create opportunities for young people to get to know each other.
•    To facilitate avenues for service by youth and children  
•    To foster the best of relationships within the church between the generations
•    To encourage outreach activity specifically aimed at youth and children  
•    To build links with children's and youth groups in our close vicinity
Specific care for: Crèche; Treasure Seekers; Cloud Ten; Boys Brigade; Corner Club; Guiding; Scouting; Air Cadets; Schools; Parent and Toddler Groups; Breakfast Club;  Young Storks; TFX

5.    Community & Outreach Team

Anne Bowen
Ruby Coe
Sheena Ferguson
Charlie Forbes
Alison Harbison
Mairi Main (Convenor)
Linda Moncur
Alan Nelson

Remit: following Christ, going beyond the boundaries of church so that faith may be shared and explored
•    To open up opportunities for evangelism - sharing the gospel - and to find effective ways to do that with people at the very beginning of a journey of faith
•    To connect the life of Crown Church with the wider church and its mission. 
•    To connect the life of Crown Church with the wider world and the issues raised there - moral, spiritual, economic etc. 
•    To build links with clubs and community groups in our close vicinity
Specific care for: Launchpad; Action Group; Christian Aid; Friendship Club; Guild; Jamaica; Malawi; Olive Grove; Alpha; Public Issues; Ecumenism; Interfaith; Band; Walkers; Men's Club; Bridge Club; Thursday Bowls; Country Dancing; Crisis Care.

6.    Communications Team

Pat Douglas
Bob Forrest
Mairi Fraser
David MacKenzie
Struan McRoberts
Bill Mein
Bruce Merchant (Convenor)
Angela Murdoch
Douglas Taylor

Remit: thankful for the Word made flesh, ensuring that communications amongst ourselves and outside the church function as well as possible
•    To oversee the church communication strategy/plan
•    To ensure that chosen communication lines work 
•    To be responsible for publicity 
•    To channel communication from Presbytery and General Assembly, and elsewhere as required 
•    To ensure compliance with data protection.
Specific care for: Newsletter; Facebook; Website; Notice boards; Presbytery; General Assembly; Data Protection; Publicity


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